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• Uses negative pressure to

  extract the air from the home /

  business like hospitals.

• Expels stale, polluted,

  contaminated air.

• Provides whole house / business

  air exchanges 6 - 10 times a day.

• Rids of home / business of

  damaging moisture.

• Reduces allergens and odors.

• Minimizes the conditions

  necessary for mold to grow.

• Balances relative humidity in the


• Creates more air movement throughout the home.

• System is both waterless and filterless for low


EZ Breathe Ventilation System provided by Prater Paint & Waterproofing

Prater Paint and Waterproofing uses breakthrough technology to provide customers with cleaner, healthier air.


Customers who work with Prater Paint and Waterproofing can breathe a little easier knowing the air in their homes and business is a whole lot cleaner, thanks to new hybrid ventilation technology behind the E-Z Breathe Ventilation System.


Prater Paint and Waterproofing of Northwestern Illinois, now offers customers all of the benefits of the innovative system: E-Z Breathe expels stale, polluted air exchange six to ten times each day.  The E-Z Breathe unit functions as a high-end dehumidifier and air purifier, while also offering maintenance-free convenience at a low operating cost.


As building and remodeling practices strive for higher and higher energy efficiency they create a very tight structure that can harbor moisture, pollutants, and toxins without a way to escape.  The E-Z Breathe unit provides that escape by expelling the polluted air and providing a healthier indoor air quality.


E-Z Breathe contributes to a healthier lifestyle by reducing indoor humidity, ridding home of damaging moisture that can encourage mold growth. In addition, the E-Z Breathe reduces allergens, asthma issues, "sick home syndrome", and odors, allowing customers to enjoy a cleaner and safer living environment.  Unlike most dehumidifiers that recirculates the same stale air, the E-Z Breathe unit actually replenishes the home with dry, clean air on a continuous basis.

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