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Our commitment is to provide high quality painting, sandblasting and waterproofing services. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, whether it's interior or exterior, we strive to give the highest quality work to you.

Are you fighting with clean up, dragging shop vacs, pulling up carpet, ripping out dry wall and old panel every time it rains?


Just 20% moisture can cause damaging dry rot to foundations, floors and more.  Pests and bugs that cause structure damage.  Mold, fungi, causing health problems.  Rust damaging appliances and furnaces.



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Basement Waterproofing


Wet basements are found in 3 out of 4 homes in America today.  Many water problems go untreated for years.  Most home owners are unable to identify the warning signs.  Some of the warning signs are:


  • Damp spots on lower wall - especially block walls.
  • Mold of all types.
  • Peeling paint.
  • Rust on appliances and furnace.
  • Musty odors.
  • Dry rot and wood wicking.
  • Cracked walls and floors.


By judging the severity of moisture, when is the best time to fix this problem?  Any signs of water leakage and seepage are the perfect time.  The joint where the floor meets the wall allows water under hydrostatic pressure to enter in your home.  If some of these water problems are left unfixed damage will occur.  It only takes as little as 20% moisture to cause any kind of damage to your finished or unfinished basement.  Some hazards of a damp or wet basement are:


  • Dry rot wood eating fungi.
  • Pests, bugs, termite, and rodent: these will all carry diseases.
  • Mold / Fungi promotes unhealthy living and breathing conditions.  They can cause serious health problems.
  • Rust damages appliances and weakens some support beams.
  • Wall and floor cracks mortar crumbling, bowing of wall on block.


So what can you do to help prevent some of these water problems in your home? Avoid excessive plants and gardens against the house that require a lot of watering next to the foundation.  Examine ground grading.  This is preventing the water from flowing toward and building up around the foundation.  Clean your gutters annually.  All down spouts be at least 10' away from the foundation.  Fix leaking faucets and pipes as soon as possible.  Use a home ventilation system in your home to rid air of moisture and future pollutants and toxin build up (EX Breathe Ventilation System).  Have cracks repaired that are existing water problems.  Install sump pit and sump pump in area of water problem.  Have tile or baseboard water control systems installed to stop incoming water.  Most work can be done on most jobs less than two days.

Hydrostatic Pressure


"Sill Water" pressure.  Often caused by high water table it is the pressure exerted against the foundation and footing by various heights of water at rest.

Baseboard Water Control System


  • Unique design relieves hydrostatic pressure.
  • Channels water away from property for proper discharge.
  • Water entering at the cold joint is diverted and controlled, and entry from floor cracks and other points is usually relieved as well.
  • Can be painted to match any existing colors.

Drain Tile System


  • Open floor next to outside walls from footing.
  • Install drain tile surrounded by gravel.
  • Float our floor with concrete.

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